Negative Comments on Social Media Learn How to Handle

Negative Comments on Social Media – Learn How to Handle


The impact of social media in our life and business is incomparable as it connects one person with another, a business with millions of followers and helps them to communicate with each other. Within all these benefits you must face trouble in handling negative comments. Do they distract you? It is hampering your confidence? If so, then you must learn to handle such negative comments on social media.

Social media is an open forum and everyone has the right to comment on your posts or in the timeline or might be on the website that directly hit your reputation in the market. A single comment can make many changes by pointing your brand image in front of audiences. Here, we come out with helpful tips that will genuinely help you in handling those negative comments in a definite way.

Tips to handle negative comment on social media

Make it a Document

A negative comment might bring controversy into a contest and need the patience to handle it. You can’t predict it easily why the poster posted that comment on your social media sites whether it happens because of jealousy or might be for creating a negative image of your brand. So, the first you need to do is take a screenshot or document the comment carefully. The post might modify the comment later and deny of accused. But by creating a document you will get the proof of it and can use it for further consequences.

Never Delete Negative Comment

Deleting comment is not all the right thing for you as it only irritates the commenter and moves the conversion into a serious or controversial level. By deleting a negative comment you will make sure that you are accepting the truth and feeling shameful of highlighting it to the public. If you face problem in dealing with complainer who abuses the site or uses inappropriate comments or shares anything offensive then blocks the user and report it the social media. Keep your ways clean instead of making it more complicated.

Keep it cool

Social media connects you to the public and all the time you can’t get appreciation. People will react depending on their emotions so you need to be reacting positively to handle those negative comments. It is better to keep your sentiments away from such issues. You must remember that your activities, action and the next move are judged by the followers. If someone is not happy with your service or approach then try to solve the issue by concentrating on improvement rather than deleting the comment. Be cool and you don’t have to rely on every comment to maintain your image in social media.

Consult and think

Social media is sometimes bitter experience but you can’t get the exact solution to your problem when it comes to dealing with negative comments. It is quite unpredictable that people will like the post or will come out with a complaint. Try to consult with the leader or colleague about the issue. Think over it and you will notice that this thing can be a learning experience for you. No one will hamper your popularity unless and until you react negatively. So, consult with others and analyze what others think about the matter.

Dont be late to respond

It depends on the comment by the commenter where you need to respond through polite words. Reply to the comment by highlighting the facts and figures if someone intentionally does the negative comment. Respond quickly instead of taking more time or delaying the matter.  Taking more time to reply to complaints can damage the company’s reputation.

Respond in public stream

One of the most important factors, while you deal with negative comment or complaint, is by responding in public by sharing kind words like “Can you please email me the details?, “looking forward to helping you”, or “tell me more about your problem?” By doing such responses you can show your empathy over the commenter by respecting his reaction. You must try to solve the issue privately by highlighting your response in public. Once the issues are solved, share it on the public by letting others know that you dealt with it successfully.

Set the right tone

People will burst their emotions by reacting aggressively but you must set the right tone to reply. Getting aggressive from your end will be like fighting back with the audience. Never pinch the commenter through harsh words and maintain softness. You will come across the issue by setting the right tone and doing the right plan of action.

Treat negative comment as a review

Negative comments may come into your social media sites but your perception about those comments must be positive. Treat them as a review and try to focus on the reason behind the comment. Every time you can’t blame the commenter because sometimes the fault might be from your end. Improve your services by dealing with negative comments positively.

There is always a way to sort out things in a genuine way and when it comes to dealing with negative comments on social media, you must handle it with care and nature of the matches.

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