Hello there! Are you ready for voice search?

Hello there! Are you ready for voice search?


What is voice search? Well, we all have heard the term “voice search” being used quite often these days. Voice search is more conversational and more natural in tone rather than search keyword phrases that you type in your search box. Voice search is basically carried on mobile devices and mostly locally focused. For example, you begin your search by using the wake word for the device like OK Google‘ and then you speak your search intent.

For example, OK Google, what is the weather for tomorrow?’ Google will automatically forecast the weather for tomorrow based on your device’s location.

How is voice search impacting on SEO and Digital Marketing?

Adoption of voice search is impacting the digital marketing world. Over the years the use of smart speakers and smartphone assistants has increased at a rapid pace. Siri is your best friend if you own an Apple device, Google voice search is notorious for Android devices and Microsoft’s Cortana is effective on PC and smartphones that use their app. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by the search engine nowadays to better understand the user intent and interpreting search queries providing the most precise answers to our inquiries. Studies from Hitwise charted out that almost 60% searches are carried on a mobile device. With the increased number of the population using mobile devices, it is easier and quicker to use our voice to search instead of typing on small search panels. In 2015, voice-based searches made up 30% of all online searches made. That number is expected to rise to 50% by 2020.

How is voice search impacting on SEO and Digital Marketing?

Why is voice search important for SEO?

According to Google, the voice is the fastest growing form of search. As more gadgets are reliant on voice, entrepreneurs and professionals are waking up to the importance of voice search when creating content for search engine optimization (SEO). Major trendsetters in voice search include Siri from Apple, Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft, and Alexa by Amazon. Tech giant’s investments in digital assistants are an indicator of its potential. In the year 2015, 1.7 million voice first devices were shipped. The number increases to 6.5 million devices in 2016. It has been estimated by the VoiceLabs that 24.5 million devices have been shipped in 2017.

As a digital marketer, you need to appreciate the significance of adopting new SEO trends to avoid lagging behind. If you are applying an SEO strategy it is time you add voice search in order to capitalize on the increasing number of users who depend on these tools for web search.

How do you create and boost SEO content for voice search?

Since voice search queries are usually longer than regular text keyword search queries. It is crucial to know that the whole purpose of these advanced technologies is to give the preferred results for the on-the-go searcher. Therefore, marketers and SEO professionals need to begin thinking about the content and SEO differently. Professionals should not overlook the importance of voice search as it influences PPC, SEO, social strategies, etc. Searching by voice is a burning topic amidst the advanced-thinking SEO professionals. Here are few tips on how to optimize your SEO for voice search-

1. Create FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions Pages-

Create FAQ pages that focus on the longtail+ conversational keyword phrases for utilizing the previously mentioned data. Try to gather common queries on the same page. Instead of the old SEO-keyword phrases, go for natural sounding phrases. Create several pages so that the voice search technologies have a better chance of obtaining information from your site.

Expect more direct questions from searchers. It is obvious for searches like “best smart watches” and hyper-specific searches like “Siri, where can I find a smart waterproof watch that goes with facebook messenger?” Provide quick, crisp answers to questions that voice searchers are asking.

It can seem like a challenging task but creating these personalized pages and fragment of content centered around specific queries that people ask, it will not only help your site show up in voice search results, it can also double your opportunities of appearing in a Google “featured snippet.”

2. Learn what exactly people are searching for-

The Internet Trends Report 2016 indicates that people are using voice search for a variety of inquiries. It is estimated that 22% searches are for local content and information. So, local businesses need to start planning for local voice search results.

3. Claim and enhance your “Google My Business listing”-

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing yet, then do it today! Claiming and optimizing your business is an excellent way for Google to discover more information about your business, your location, contact number, business category, business hours, etc.

4. Leverage more conversational Keywords-

In voice search world, keywords are longtail+. They’re no longer just keywords. The “plus (+)” refers to the phrases that you need to add when optimizing for conversational voice search. Your keyword strategy must now be more conversational in nature. Begin thinking about the kind of questions you get when customers call you to ask questions about a product or a service. Then start documenting the exact word they use while enquiring. One who has the list of questions; you can begin creating contents that focus on long conversational search terms.

5. Employ structured data markup-

By applying the correct schemas, use structured data markup to give these voice search devices even better information regarding your site and content. Structured data markup from schema.org is important for your site, as it signifies more precise information and makes it quicker and easier for search engines to correctly parse your content and understand its background.

What are the strategies you should adapt to gain benefits from voice search-


Since people ask more direct queries to get more precise answers, it increases the chances of your content ranking in voice search engine result pages.



Your content should answer all the queries like who’, why’, how’, and what’. To answer these queries or searches, your FAQs should be conversational in nature.


Build your context around what type of questions people will ask based on your products and services. For better ranking, focus on providing direct and concise answers.


Unlike text search, voice search is not just direct but often colloquial. Consider how people generally speak, and develop content to match their tone.


The only best method to understand how voice search influences your website is by actually trying it. Do that often to find out how your competition is ranking. Besides, this will give you a chance to learn better about long-tailed keywords and how they improve your ranking.


Talk to your audience and ask them about their preference, their dislikes, etc. And present your contents accordingly so that it can show up on the voice search result pages.


There are so many ways you can capitalize on voice search to increase traffic conversions to your website or even a brick and mortar store. If you’re a restaurant owner or a fashion wear store in Siliguri, then provide detailed directions to your location and you’ll be amazed to find more people coming through the door. Whatever you do, make sure your SEO strategy incorporates voice search and that will eventually boost your website ranking in SERPs.

Never underestimate the power of storytelling content- Never forget that authenticity is the key to success and your content builds your reputation. Write about what you know. Use your niche, build your story from there, and tell the things that you do which none does.


Voice Search is not going to go anywhere away! So, it’s a high time SEOs begin optimizing their sites for this brilliant new world of voice search so that they can keep pace with its dynamism and never be left behind.

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