#Hashtag its evolution and Proper Use

#Hashtag its evolution and Proper Use


Hashtags (#) have become a trend on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The # symbol when used before a word lets it add to the worldwide group of posts that are of similar interest and can be seen by others. The trend was started after a Google developer, Chris Messina during 2007 tweeted #barcamp on her profile, without any knowledge that it was to create a revolution in the years to come.

It spreads like wildfire

It is really amazing how a single hashtag could allow anyone to see all the photos and videos that were uploaded with the hashtag. The trend that was first implemented on Twitter has now spread over every other social platform like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc. Though its use spread fast users really did not understand the use of the proper hashtag and started using it meaninglessly for every daily event that they go through like #lunch, #newcar etc. It is an effective tool for startups and companies too which helps them target specific customers only if its use is well guided.

Besides social media, hashtags are now connected to a TV show, movie releases, campaign, celebrity profiles, political campaign, sports, breaking news etc.

Most used #Hastags

Hashtags have really found the much-needed attention and have allowed customers to find theirs. Let us see the top used hashtags that have become a community that is connected through a hashtag:









Every day millions of Instagram and Twitter users post with these hashtags and add to the other million posts that have been posted with the same hashtag. What started out as a joke or for fun has evolved into an important marketing and social networking tool. The hashtags above are the most used yet trends are never permanent, they may be replaced soon by another hashtag that may arouse sudden interest among the mass.

Finding the Right Hashtag

You could be a social media client, business, an industry or a celebrity, the use of correct hashtags is of prime importance to each and every one if they want a related audience and highlight. The prime use of hashtags for promotion has been using the hashtag before your company or event name, which is featured everytime someone looks up for your brand or service. Recently Superbowl and IPL have engaged millions of users through the proper use of hashtags.

Here are few of the best hashtag generator tools that could prove very useful:

TagBlender: It is an Instagram hashtag generator that is able to generate the perfect list of Instagram hashtags from different fields like ‘People’ ‘Urban’, ‘Fashion’, or ‘Art’

HashtagsForLikes: HashtagsForLikes is a useful tool that can be used to generate Instagram hashtags for your eCommerce business or your social media account posts.

Instagram tags: Instagram Tags is used by e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to access the popular hashtags. If you want many Likes, it is your best tool.

Seekmetrics: This is another analytics tool which uses Instagram API to provide you with comparative metrics to provide you the related hashtags.

AllHashtag: This hashtag generator tool suggests top relevant hashtags so that you can simply copy and paste into your Instagram posts.

#Innovative #Digital #Highlight

Hashtag must never be used just for fun, it should be meaningful and people expect relative content when they search for specific topics. It is not a game for Likes but an interface to connect like-minded people around the world through a common interest. There are many tools to help you with the correct hashtag and it must be used as effectively to bring appropriateness to the digital world. #GoDigital #Love #IdeaOfTheDay.

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