Google Wants To Use Cyborg-Like Lens To Cure Human Vision

Google Wants To Use Cyborg-Like Lens To Cure Human Vision


Google has filed a patent for a vision-correcting device that will see the human eye’s natural lens replaced with Associate in Nursing electronic implant.

Discovery Magazine reports that the machine eye implant would doubtless have the power to vary its form and modify the wearer’s vision by victimisation technologies like liquid crystals, small mirrors and little micro-fluidic pumps.

It may even be fitted with extra lenses to assist fix visual modality issues like ametropia or astigmatism.

The invention from the technical school large is additionally expected to incorporate options that will permit implant-wearers to wirelessly send knowledge to any smartphone, pill or portable computer that has a web affiliation.

The implant, which might be fitted by a optical device injection directly into the attention, would additionally contain its own storage, radio Associate in Nursingd lens and would be in theory steam-powered wirelessly from an energy-harvesting antenna.

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