How To Make Proper Strategic Bidding

How To Make Proper Strategic Bidding


Brand bidding is the process of bidding on ones brand terms. In the phase of changing SERP landscape, you have to be ready to respond to the competitive ads. Therefore, knowing the right strategy and steps of bran bidding becomes prominent. The Google ads services in India that you will get for bidding strategy will be based on the objective decision. The brand bidding strategy will provide a roadmap that will ensure the credibility of your business plan.

Table of Contents:

  • Bidding strategy based on your goals

What steps leads to a successful brand bidding strategy?

  • Defining the objectives of brand bidding
  • Conducting SERP analysis
  • Identifying the value of brand ads
  • Building a strategic framework
  • Implementation
  • Conclusion

Bidding strategy based on your goals

What steps leads to a successful brand bidding strategy?


Defining the objectives of brand bidding

The main objectives of brand bidding strategy should be net profit. If the organic revenue is greater than the revenue with no brand ads then your brand bidding makes sense. But if this same thing happens in vice versa form then, it doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, it is necessary to make a decision about your objectives. The focus might also be in the funnel activities or at the lifetime value, mange your other goals wisely.

Conducting SERP analysis

This is the step of analyzing the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). This is a part of google ads services in India which helps in determining the threat of lost clicks and revenue. The consultation of SERP analysis will also tell if the competitors are bidding on your brand terms. The use of branded keywords in the bidding is also largely focused and determined with SERP analysis.

Identifying the value of brand ads

It is an additional step which is based on the identification aspect. In this step, you have to know the value of your brand. The value can be known by knowing whether you have an active competitor or not for your brand. This is also one of the steps which will highlight the value you have invested in paid traffic as well. While identifying your brand value you also have to look at the revenue considerations.

Building a strategic framework

Once you know your objectives, do the analysis and get the value of paid search, your next step is to map the initiatives. As part of google ads services in India, the framework step deals in providing guidance and answers specific questions. You have to focus more on this top strategy because it includes all of your goals and targets.


After having a strategic framework, it is the step to decide whether to exclude brand or bid on the brand while. It is an implementation step in which you will have two options to conclude the entire brand bidding strategy. In exclude brand option, you have to actively exclude your brand as the negative keywords. In bid on brand option, your bidding will depend on the campaigns, optimized ad, converting landing pages and segmented reporting.

The bidding on brand is a decision which is driven by the result oriented plans and strategy. These are the steps related to google ads services in India. You can follow it for replacing guesswork and issues related to objective marketing and choices.

Note: The blog content explains the steps to maintain strategic bidding. The brand bidding strategy is the plan that gets the solution for all the challenges of business which adapt with the changes quite quickly and maximizes returns.

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