Glance into a step-by-step process of software development by our company in Siliguri

Glance into a step-by-step process of software development by our company in Siliguri


Management Software has become an integral part of every business establishment. Every entrepreneur who aims far dreams big and harbors big objectives for his business installs business management software for a steady increase in his revenue. It improves the work efficiency by a manifold, adds an extra layer of security to personal & customer information submitted over the online forum.

But since not every entrepreneur is a technology buff, many times, he fails to get an in-depth understanding regarding the vast array of functions a simple Management Software can assist him with. And often, this ignorance prevents him from witnessing how a simple software installation can change and upgrade the entire process of money-making, and make the daily tasks faster, more accurate and reliable, with lesser chances of losing track.

So for every researching entrepreneur out there, Cyber Help India has laid out a well-detailed list of how a standard Management Software is created by us and what is the range of functions it covers for each sector after installation –

Broken down in a systematic fashion & simply put for better understanding.

I.Medical management software

Medical management software

A medical institution is a large scale set up that cannot be managed single-handedly. It requires skilled coordination from a diligent team to look after the injured and tackle with chronic cases of emergencies. Every staff should wholeheartedly dedicate their attention to the patients and minimize their concentration on technical management tasks which can easily be covered by the Management Software. This way, any institution can gather appreciation & glowing recommendations from the incoming patients and establish a good reputation in the long run.

Our Software covers

  • Staff Management – It helps you keep easier track of staff regularity, monitor incentives, and bonuses, assess team performances & more.
  • Hospital Maintenance – Get a clearer idea regarding day to day transactions, expenses and earnings.
  • Hospital Accounts & Billing – Maintain a completely automated system of transparent billing to ensure zero chances of being duped.

II.Hotel management software

II.Hotel management software

A hotel’s success relies heavily on the type of treatment it has on offer for the guests. And undeniably, they want to be pampered. Most times, they like to take the lead and make their own choices. A Hotel Management Software lets your customer browse through the choices of rooms, cabins & suites you have in offer, lets them take their own sweet time to contemplate about their choices & budgets, lets them inquire about room availability from the comfort of their own living spaces, and lets them finally make a choice, with quick options of safe online payment, that secures you instant revenue. This is much better and preferable by the customers than they having to stand in front of a receptionist and make a booking.

Our Software covers

  • Online Booking – Laid back choices, endless time to pick a room, payment within seconds. That’s how they book hotel rooms nowadays.
  • Staff Management – Keep a spotless record of your staff, monitor their regularity, improvements, achievements, allocate tasks with just clicks, and relax.
  • Account Management – Keep an accurate record of monetary issues and scrutinize the growth of your establishment through monthly reports.

III.Travel management software

Travel management software

If you run a travel agency, what do you think a customer does if he is impressed with an itinerary of yours? He tries to book it. But what if your website lacks the “Book Now” option altogether? You lose a potential customer. Avoid that. Install a software that aids the customer to go ahead and just “Do It” before he changes his mind.

  • Online Booking – Lets your customer choose the vacation date, package, number of members, collects their emails & personal information with consent, and gets the job securely done.
  • Account Management – Keeps effortless track of all the online payments received and given and reduces the chance of losing important data concerning monetary transactions.
  • Staff Management – Helps you assess and monitor your staff with the help of a desktop and allocate them their respective tasks on a day to day basis to improve efficiency.

IV.Education Management Software

Education Management Software

An institution that harbors thousands of children and a fairly huge team of staff to monitor the children is incomplete without the management software that performs all the back office work with fast efficiency. Maintaining a record of thousands is not a job that can be done manually. Even if done, they don’t always promise accuracy. These are not the issues with the Management Software.

  • Attendance Management – Maintain spotless day to day student and staff record easily with zero paperwork.
  • Library Maintenance – Never lose a book with the pristine management of booklists.
  • Accounts Management – Keep track of your monetary tracks and never lose a penny.
  • Staff Management – Easy staff maintenance over online registers that have zero chances of data loss.

The creation

Upon contact, we enquire you regarding the nature of your business note down your requirements and recommendations that you would like to incorporate in a management software that we create for you.

  • Our experts then map out a digital blueprint of how your Software will look, perform and help you complete day to day tasks more efficiently.
  • After creating a rough idea, our programmers than get down to the real work and build your software through codes, programming & reasoning.
  • Once the Software is created, we run it in our machines to shell out any possible management errors in the program.
  • After endless sessions of successful testing, your own Management Software is delivered to you and successfully installed on your system, ready to be used to you and your team.

Cyber Help India earnestly provides manual guidance and maintenance support if the need arises during the entire term you avail our services.

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