These 6 of the Top Free SEO Tools for Marketers are Trending Now

These 6 of the Top Free SEO Tools for Marketers are Trending Now


A good tool for a particular work can make a huge difference in the result of your marketing strategy or can help you bring changes to it. If you are a content marketer or SEO specialist, you can feel the importance of proper tools for free SEO analysis and to scale your content marketing programme. Along with continuously creating quality content for a website, the optimisation of those contents in search engines are intensely needed to be done with such a technique that can help you get the spotlight on you while the customers are searching for relevant items.

We are pretty much fortunate that there are numerous SEO tools that help to boost up the ranking of your site and content in it. But among the crowd of such tools and programmes, you should gather knowledge about the authentic and trusted ones which can help in generating true results and effect positively on SEO strategy. Here is some of the top free SEO tools list that effect hugely on search engine optimisation.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

You need a Google AdWords account to get access to the Google Keyword Planner. This free Google SEO tool is a suitable alternative for Google Keyword Tool since its lower usage these days. Many of the similar research works that could be done in Keyword Tools can now be done in Planner. This tool allows pulling monthly Google search query volume of many keywords in seconds. Previously it was known as Adwords Keyword Tool.

  1. Google Analytics

If you need any information about the performance of your site and content on the web, Google Analytics is the best weapon to hit the target. This is one of the best free SEO tools to all SEO experts for the way it helps you track your visitors. Also you can understand the interaction between the visitor and the site.

  1. Webmaster Tool (Google & Bing)

The Webmaster Tools from both the search engine giants are very much valuable to analyse your website constantly, get the error reports continuously. It helps you to observe the bugs, alerts and indexing issues, along with giving you the concept of what Google and Bing think about your website.

  1. Moz

The web marketing tools from Moz are viable, user-friendly and inbound. One of the most popular Moz SEO tool is Open Site Explorer, a link tracking tool providing scores to domain and page authority. Some other Moz SEO tools are Moz Local, Followerwonk, Mozbar, SERP Overlay etc.

  1. Google Trends

Tracking the search volume for keywords helps you find the market graph of potential keywords which can included in your content for better SEO opportunities. Besides understanding the trending topics, analysis of changes in search query behaviour can be done too.

  1. Small SEO Tools

Various types of free SEO tools online are provided by Small SEO Tools and these are much appraised among the SEO marketers. From plagiarism to broken link of website, all types of checkers are available for the perfection of website and web contents.

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