Getting Started With Facebook Messenger Ads

Getting Started With Facebook Messenger Ads


The use of Facebook messenger ads will make the brand ready to shift the relationship with every viewer. The ones who are starting the Facebook Messenger ads should know that it will only be ad until it converts into the conversation. From general to personal or from the public to private, the shift of the brand is clearly possible. These days various messaging apps have been introduced to reach the audience and Facebook Messenger is one of them. The brands that are involved in Facebook advertising in India should know about this application for building ads success.

Table of Contents:

  • What are the two different ways of advertising using Facebook Messenger?
  • Click-to-Messenger
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Conclusion

What are the two different ways of advertising using Facebook Messenger?


It is a type of ads which can be termed as the traditional newsfeed ads. This ads have created an unbelievable buzz in social media and are really popular in the Facebook platform. But remember, thereís a twist in it. For starting the conversation, call-to-action will be used for the brand on Facebook Messenger. It can be used for Facebook advertising in India for certain things like-

  • Acquiring leads and customers
  • Transacting the required sales
  • Answering the asked questions
  • Providing technical online support
  • Starting the conversation i.e. possibility to use sponsored messages in the future

Sponsored Messages

It is an actual message which will show up in the audienceís messenger inbox. In order to prevent spam, Facebook allows sponsored messages for the ones who have begun the conversation on the page. This makes the possibilities of Facebook messenger ads immense. The sponsored message can be appealed in the form of a photo, video, carousel or dynamic ad. The uses of the sponsored messages as part of Facebook advertising in India are for:

  • Providing offers
  • Making announcement
  • A message calling for a response

The sponsored messages are the best to nurture ongoing relationships with brand page followers. The ones who have reached in the past with brand can also be re-engaged with sponsored messages. It is also absolutely perfect to notify the most receptive audience regarding promotions or offers.

The Facebook advertising in India with messenger ads probably competes with huge audienceís. Therefore, the brand should make sure to offer something which people really want. Facebook messenger is also a part platform build by Facebook which is why audience generation has been easy and quick.

Note: The sponsored messages, which are the part of messenger ads gives access to the low-noise environment.

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