Digital Healthcare Marketing in India At the edge of revolution

Digital Healthcare Marketing in India – At the edge of revolution


Technology has gone through an immense change in the past few years. We practically use the internet for almost everything in our daily life. Going Digital is the new way out and practically all the sectors have inducted themselves into the Digital Era. Digital Marketing in Healthcare runs hand in hand and has become of great importance off late.

Hence, it is not surprising to witness most advanced tools and new-age record keeping systems in a hospital. The advancement of technology brought with itself the availability of advanced diagnostic processes, medical technology, & therapeutic equipment which together made a revolution in the healthcare industry in India.

The Indian Healthcare Market scenario

According to the latest census, “The healthcare industry in India stood as the fourth largest employer in 2017 as the sector employed a total of 319,780 people.” The numbers are increasing and so is the competition. Hence, going Digital is the smart way out to survive in the industry.

It is evident that the healthcare industry is going at a tremendous pace owing to its services, and coverage and undoubtedly digital marketing in India helped it achieving the position that it’s enjoying today. Innovation in healthcare technology must be supplemented with better digital marketing to extend its reach.

1. Rise in Healthcare market

Rise in Healthcare market

India has seen a massive rise in the Healthcare innovation since past few decades by the brilliant Indian tech entrepreneurs. Did you know that Healthcare IT is among the top 5 startup segments in India!! While the number continues to rise, the need for digital marketing too arises strongly.

2. The Branches of the healthcare

The Indian healthcare industry has managed to transform the sector with its wide range of offerings including online appointments, doctor selection, medicines delivery, hospital management system, bill payments and home health care services. Being visible online helped them to achieve their present marketing scenario.

3. Bridging the gap between health cares and clients

It is quite surprising to note that almost 300 start-ups emerged in the healthcare sector throughout the globe in the year 2015-20216 only. The End-users or clients are everywhere and providing digital services like online applications and being actively seen on social networks helps strengthening its pillars in the market.

4. Making healthcare services easily accessible

What Healthcare IT has done the best is making the healthcare services and products easily accessible and affordable to the population at large. The digital marketing strategy for healthcare supports providing their services irrespective of the location or timings. Being open and making services easily accessible is the new necessity which must be fulfilled.

5. The E-Digitalization of healthcare

Digitalization brought along eDiagnostics, ePharmacy, eReferrals, and eInsurance that helped in strengthening the healthcare sector. It also helps by providing a centralized database ensuring an efficient service delivery. The world is going digital so why must the healthcare restrain from a digital revolution.

“The infrastructure of Healthcare also needs a digital strengthening”

While digital marketing has become a revolution across the globe, the healthcare industry has been late in adopting the digital strategies. It is better to be late than never and healthcare market has just increased in leaps and bounds presently and the ones who have stuck to traditional marketing has just limited the growth that they could achieve otherwise.

“Digital Transformation is the primary focus that should bother you in the 21st century”

So, refrain from being stubborn on the Digital advantages and find for yourself the doors of opportunities that your Digital presence could open for you. You will always be on the losing side if you do not upgrade ever.

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