Why Creating and Optimising Blog is Important for Good SEO Results

Why Creating and Optimising Blog is Important for Good SEO Results


SEO and its various strategies are definitely a matter that is difficult to understand by many of tech-persons. Even if we begin to understand and handle things according to a particular set of rules, Google keeps changing the algorithms and policies as a search engine on regular basis and we have to start our strategy from the beginning.

Among all the SEO tricks we are following, one thing that has been done correctly from the beginning as a medium of increasing lead to website through SEO, and that is blog. This is very important for your business marketing from different angles like brand promotion, direct conversion of sales, building up a network, customer empowerment etc.

Each and every blog content should be dynamic, fascinating and contains enough keywords, based on the target visitors and location you are planning for. Specific keywords drag users to your blog posts, where they find unique content and linking words or phrase that lead towards website. While writing blog for SEO, you must keep in mind about the presentation of the blog; from eye-catchy headline to proper linking, including fresh content, related keywords, and beautiful images Ėeverything should be attractive from the visitorís aspect. This helps to lead genuine audiences to you business website and your business sales grow higher.

  1. Including enough keywords in webpage content is a little difficult as those texts must be short, crisp and without repetition. But in a blog, you can add as much content as you need according to the blog blog title. Also, you have to put some target keywords which appear regularly on search engines, instead of random keywords.
  2. Creative content is loved by the readers and they become a regular reader of your blogs and share them on different social media platforms. Besides, there is enough information on the blog topic and visitors get detailed answer of all their queries related to it. Thatís how a trust for your website grows among them.
  3. One of the most useful techniques of SEO is backlinking in blogs. When people find that the blog post is able to solve problems and authentic and reference the post at a platform, it many backlinks. Although there are some issues with radical backlinking in Google, you can keep a good relation with other websites and be benefited by being linked and linking to them.
  4. Once your blogs become popular, start interlinking your blog and website. Linking relevant webpages with keywords guide the readers to the website. This will help in bringing genuine visitors.
  5. Connecting your blog posts with the social media accounts of your business generates one more thing to come up against a query in search engine. Planting meta-description, alternative tags and titles with popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com etc. boost up your ranking and increase the visibility of your site.
  6. Search engines like Google is more interested in delivering higher ranking to those articles which brings fresh concept and topic, and discuss in detail about something which is new but trending. Blogs on those concepts that are older and not up-to-date are most likely to get less response.

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