7 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Ads

7 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Ads


7 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Ads

In the promotion or marketing of your brand, bringing up new strategies should be kept on. The world of digital brand marketing is continuously innovating new and updated way to assist you to get noticed in the crowd with your plan. It is upto you how strong and effective your plan is to perform to the best for generating lead towards your business website –whether you are using organic search or SEO, or adwords on various social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is today the biggest of all the social media platforms, in terms of population and hours spend in it. Facebook adverts are seen by hundreds to thousands of visitors at a time and several of them become a follower of your page, and thus generate customers for your business. Ads in Facebook even assist and effect on the SEO strategy of your website too.

So let’s just say, Facebook is an unavoidable part of today’s business marketing strategy. Millions of people spending numerous hours per day on this social media website, and if you want your business to outshine in the competitive market of 2016, you better start investing in Facebook Ads. These reasons below can give you some specific reasons on why you shouldn’t avoid Facebook adverts for brand marketing.

Facebook has over 1 Billion Users

On a recent analysis, this social media giant has around 1.55 billion users on a monthly basis. And over 1.39 billion of them access to Facebook through a mobile device. In such huge ocean of people, many of whom visit Facebook everyday, you must find your customer and stay connected with them. And that can be done the best by Facebook ads.

Content Promotion on a High Scale

Does your website contain valuable, informative and excellently arranged contents? Then you should show the world what the speciality of your website is, how much knowledge your visitors can get regarding your business from your website. Along with sharing updates on social media, ads on Facebook raise the number of people your content will reach.

Amazingly Engage Target Visitors

Location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviour, and connections –Facebook Adverts can reach customers from every aspect, whoever your target audiences are. Besides, there are some ad features that let you present to a segment of definite audiences of your business –

Creativity while targeting life-events

Monitoring of the purchase behaviour of recent time

Creating targeted-lookalike audiences

Usage of custom audience in creating leads and loyal customers

Users Spend Millions of Time on Facebook

Along with the 40 million other businesses, your page on Facebook needs boost up. An average user spend almost 1.72 hours on social network, and every minute they altogether like around 4 million statuses, comments, posts, images etc. Facebook do own the power to engage users for a large amount of time, enough time to get your business noticed.

Lead Traffic, Turn to Customer, Increase Sale

Facebook Ads bring followers to your page, thus traffic to your website. This excellently increases your sale by transforming the traffic into customers, although your website should be simultaneously great. Features in Facebook Ads help you to filter among your audiences from behavioural and demographic aspect –people who recently checked out of your product and service, people with interest in your product and service and people who can buy them.

The Valuable ‘Call Now’ Button

Click on website and checking the products in detail is good, but calling option is simply great. As said earlier, half a billion people use Facebook only via mobile. Capturing leads has been easier since the Call Now Button has been introduced in Facebook. People are giving it more preference day by day for immediate inquiry about business.

Ads Easily Managed by Tools

Facebook is well-equipped for businesses to easily manage the ads for their brand promotion. Various tools are being provided so that you can be benefitted by Facebook Ads without any hectic issues. Social Stats, Qwaya, Text Overlay Tool etc are some favourite among all the tools to expert marketers.

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