7 Best Ways to Stay Updated in the SEO Industry

7 Best Ways to Stay Updated in the SEO Industry


If you wish to execute extraordinary SEO practices, you must learn it from other people who have done it before, and trust on this, there is no quicker way than learning from what others are doing. No matter you are beginning, growing or working in the SEO market; refresh your skills, talent and knowledge with guidance from experts, because that’s the speediest, least demanding way, and the one with the most negligible effect on your everyday activities. Although you can join a course, but not many of us have the time to do so. All you can do right now is to gather expert knowledge and decide some correct SEO tactics to follow.

The right SEO strategy can be a tremendous time saver, helping you dodge regular pitfalls and develop past the breaking points of your own experience. There are such a large number of SEO tools and so much news distributed each day. You could spend your whole day simply understanding them. What may tickle your mind is –how would you pick which SEO tools are the best, and where do you search for the most up and coming data? It’s surely mind boggling how much simpler our life becomes when we decide exact tools to help and work for our SEO strategy. Let’s check out some of such kind of sources that


The redesigned home page by Digg is simpler, better, and easier to use. Now finding a relevant content is a pretty good experience; for example, you get results based on the historical data, like other search engines do. And the DiggBot, given for your SlackBot, is another extremely cool stuff, which help you to get newsletters via Slack instead of email. Another feature is that, the Digg Deeper arrange stories, based on the people followed in social media.

Search Engine Journal

Well, no doubt in that Search Engine Journal brings the most effective and top ranked stories on online marketing. Their in-house editorial team gather concepts from top experts in this field and bring out most furnished and informative contents. Each and every member of entire SEO team in SEJ has the dedication to create articles regarding the tools, tactics and changes going on in SEO business.


Moz has situated itself as a leading source and educational hub for all internet related things, focusing on the SEO & web marketing tactics & strategies. This is the reason why SEO workers are loving different sections of Moz.com, especially the MozBlog. What changes have come to the market, what may happen next –everything is nicely discussed in their blogs.

Google Webmaster

It is pretty much obvious that this search engine giant and all its section bestow huge effect on every aspect of our lives, like the Google Webmaster Blog, which after subscription, keeps you updated about all things Google Search. Needles to say, each of the big announcements Google makes typically comes through these blog section.


Primarily looks like a typical question-answer website, but Quora is way beyond only being such thing. The conversations and contents here are worth spending five to ten minutes a day on this site, because these contents give hints or generate more ideas, which are fresh and effective in trending manner. If you want to get notifications about your favourite topics, subscribe and turn on the notifications.


Panda has a flawless interface for finding content. The content is fragmented from the earliest starting point to give you customised content that your industry actually needs. The accumulation is sorted by stories and visuals from various communities in an assortment of options in layout. In Panda, even if you do not click away from the homepage, you can search more than one website.


What do we use Twitter for? To get updated on breaking gossip on celebrities or share images? Most of us do not have the idea that Twitter is a great platform to learn on SEO stuffs. After you subscribe to follow the SEO and SEO Blogs, you get notified about any important change or update on them. And if you don’t understand something, join a Twitter chat on the topic and converse with people who might clear your concept.

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