6 ways for Brand Advertising for the growth of small Business in Kolkata

6 ways for Brand Advertising for the growth of small Business in Kolkata


The new brands really try hard to create a brand which in turn builds strong, long-term relationship with the customers. The branding is a popularity of the desired product through various advertising mediums, to grow positive image of the product in the market. Branding is brand identity and so color use, font, and other stylistic choices need to be done right to project a memorable impression on the consumer.

Need for proper Advertisement for Branding:

An online advertising agency in Kolkata has a great role in the proper advertisement for brand awareness of new products which may belong to a small business. A digital marketing company in Kolkata have been adapting to the recent change in the pattern of the digital marketing services in Kolkata. Proper utilization of social media for advertisement can be done through an expert’s help too. Ignorance of the importance of advertisement through mediums like Facebook ads, Facebook ads

Instagram Ads, Google ads, and others is a bad decision which may turn fatal for any big or small business in Kolkata.

Before it starts being popular among the customers, there are few points that must be followed however a smart brand advertisement must be able to achieve few things which are mentioned below:

  • It must deliver a clear message regarding the brand identity.
  • Establishes credibility in the mind of the customers.
  • Connects with the targeted audience both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Motivates probable customers to take action.
  • A good image also encourages the customer loyalty.

Why is it a must for small business in Kolkata!!

Branding through advertisement produces a positive image of the brand in a short time if everything is done right. In Kolkata itself, a new product is created and a Brand created every day. The modern use of social platforms for advertisement has created an equal chance for both small and big business to flourish in Kolkata.

The socializing media platforms have transformed amazingly to be a great source of branding and advertisement. The small businesses are taking the help of some of the best advertising agencies in Kolkata in order to create a good reputation for their brand or products through various social and digital marketing techniques. The growth of the business has been attached to proper utilization of few strategies

Some of the popular advertising trends which have gained huge popularity:

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are an effective advertising campaign which targets the users based on their location, demographics and is based on your profile information. After creating an ad on Facebook, you need to set a budget and bid an amount for each click or one thousand impressions that your ads will receive. This is a very productive Facebook’s ad targeted campaign where users are able to see the ads in the sidebar of Facebook pages. The campaigns are easy to crack and are an immediate source of traffic which is very effective. The choice of the budget also makes the campaign budget friendly.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is another popular photo and video sharing tool which can be used to engage followers through regular posts. With 800 million monthly active users, 60 percent of whom are within 30 years of age. Instagram ads are a massive way of reaching the targeted audience and promoting the desired brand. The Instagram and is set to bring in an estimated $6.85 billion in global ad revenue, next year.

Presently, besides Facebook ad campaigns, around 2 million companies have been using Instagram ads to reach out to huge audiences and to engage followers which are aimed at branding and promotion of products.

Google ads

Google is the most used search engine, its ad campaign or AdWords is an effective advertisement system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords which is most likely to appear in Googles search results as clickable ads. The more clicks the campaign gets, the more money the brand pays to Google.

The use of Google Adwords is an effective way of marketing by bringing huge per click traffic by using proper keyword search methods. Thus, this AdWords campaign is popular and well used due to its effectiveness in bringing relevant customers to visit your site.

Twitter Advertising

The best thing about Twitter ads is that they are not forced on you or it doesn’t annoy users as much as other annoying ad campaigns which are forced. The ads on Twitter are scrollable and are naturally integrated and appear only in the feeds of most relevant followers. The Twitter ads are helpful in raising awareness for your brand. Twitter ads have a high conversion rate of 41% who have purchased within 30 days of being exposed to the ad as per the relevance of their activities on Twitter.

Video Ads

Video marketing is a new type of internet marketing tool which has evolved after the common use of photographs for advertisement has been becoming unproductive. Advertising through videos has proven to be more effective as the user now has the option of seeing the details through a pre-recorded video and this lessens the change of faking wrong information about a service.

Videos are everywhere and 2-5 minute short videos are creatively made on a specific topic and in an attractive way, which is sure to entertain and attract most of them who see it. Videos speak louder than just photographs.

The videos are uploaded and shared on various video websites like YouTube where the videos tent to reach the targeted audience and receive necessary exposure.

Transit Media Advertising

This type of advertising is common in places where there are many means of transportation options. The concept of transit advertisement is actually promotion by posting ads through posters in Metros, railways, Auto rickshaws, buses and other roadside campaigns which manage to grab the eye of passersby who take the transportation every day to reach their office. The main reason for the successful implementation of the targeted audience though transit media audience lies in the fact that daily millions of daily commuters are exposed to transit advertisements. The more the people, double the chances.


As a small business owner, your efforts for productive advertisement and implementation of certain marketing techniques may be a vital decision which would determine the growth and evolution of the small company. Many different techniques of advertising have been developed and staying updated is a big factor for the growth of small companies and their growth. The chances are made equal if you know to work it out well.

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