6 Hotel website features to excel in India

6 Hotel website features to excel in India


An effective online presence is the key to your success”

Any business without an online presence is very likely to get neglected and underrated. Whether you are planning to redecorate your present hotel website to get higher conversions or launching a new one, you should consider acknowledging the features that are liked and preferred by the users. Interiors and services of the hotel are as important as having a well-architectured website.

Importance of a good hotel website–

The basic intention of a hotel website is converting “lookers into bookers”. A hotel website is the best asset for a hotel business in its entire marketing strategies.

Let us see what the basic features of a website are that a hotel business should adapt to survive in India-

1. Let the visuals do the selling-

Posting stunning visual contents can be a path-breaking step. Remember, as a hotel, you are not selling only services – you are selling wonderful experiences. So, be sure to allow photos, virtual tour videos etc to construct a well-designed hotel website.

2. Add some degrees of local flavors-

To rank in the local area, many entrepreneurs have already adopted the concept of adding their hotel address to the Google maps so that people may find them. You can go for including information about local events, weather, and history of the city. This will help your website rank originally in your area.

3. Mobile compatibility is important for organic search-

Yes, according to the latest algorithm report of Google, a mobile-friendly website is very important for a business. Consult a web agency in India and get your mobile-friendly website done. It becomes crucial to have a mobile website when it comes to user experience.

4. Easy booking process-

Now that you have got your hotel website, the prices and services-all are set but do you have an easy booking process? You have to make sure that the potential guests get a user-friendly way to book rooms. Every page of the website must include a call-to-action button which encourages users to book their stay.

5. Add testimonials and reviews-

Independent hotels can get huge benefits from guest reviews. People today have managed to cope with the digitalization hence they look out for customer reviews before buying or booking. So, as a hotelier, you will surely want guest reviews on the hotel website. And also do not forget to link to social media.

6. Add a page to highlight your amenities-

Highlighting what makes you apart from others can do the big job. Depending on the main page is not always enough to get leads. An extra page with your amenities and unique points and the points that make your hotel a perfect place for a comfortable stay, should be added.

Why does it matter?

It matters because being online is the new trend of being successful. Don’t fall behind by sticking to the orthodox methods. Accept the changes in the marketing strategies and acknowledge having a well constructed website to survive and flourish with the digitalization.

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