5 Web Design Trends That Have Real Staying Power

5 Web Design Trends That Have Real Staying Power


While designing a website for your company always remember that you are creating a website for the end-users not for yourself. Web designing in Siliguri covers the planning and sorting out of things that need to be implemented on the website but the game will turn differently in practical life. It is more important to look into the trends then implementing your own choices.

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 People like to prefer the trending elements and it is better to accept it. Like any other segments, web designers need to focus on the designing trends and Web designing in Siliguri is allowing you to go through the trends and latest updates.

Each of the things matters a lot while designing a website that includes the choice of color, pattern, technology, and effective designing principles. Spend your time in searching for the on-going trends to put the greatest impact of the website over users.

5 Web Design Trends for designing websites in 2020

Removing excess and creating super minimal navigation

The number of mobile users is increasing very rapidly and people like to browse websites in their mobile phones rather than opening the links on their desktop so moving towards responsive or mobile-friendly websites is the basis of designing a website. Websites should include the essential pages in the primary menu and other links need to be shifted in the footer and sidebar to make the things more clear. Call-to-action buttons need to be highlighted in the internal pages.

Focus on the white space

It is important to keep the information more visually appealing and clear. Making the space more clumsy and complicated will make the visitor confused rather than staying on the page for a longer time. There comes the value of white space between the message and the information you are going to portray in the site. Video banners with simple but catchy images along with the right space will create the magic and increase conversion rate.

Introduce the Human Face to connect

Even in the digital phase people search for emotions rather than sticking with the digital format. To maintain a relationship with your visitors you need to use human faces. Once you built a relationship with the visitors they will automatically get converted into customers. Some of the imagery reactions can connect with your company more easily with prospective customers.


Experience universally accepted typography

Web designing is linked with creativity and there is no doubt in it. But Web Designing in Siliguri focuses on the need for a better experience to the end-users where it becomes important to choose the right typography. Using creative fonts might welcome challenges and trouble in the future because they are not in every device. The designer must use universally accepted typography to make things user-friendly.

The dark-mode option

This is trending and helpful for the user to work in low light. Most of the websites and mobile applications are providing this option to help users for switching into the dark mode option. The designer must look into this option to engage users for a longer time to look into the screen.

Reach more audiences by holding their trust with Web designing in Siliguri that helps you to grow your business in a better sense.

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