5 ways to improve online restaurant business in Kolkata

5 ways to improve online restaurant business in Kolkata


Planning to start a restaurant? Every business is started with the aim to gain better ROI. It can be very exciting and a bit more challenging. Restaurants are the rapidly growing sector where things are always happening and changing fast. The thriving and the hospitality relevant traits of the restaurant industry drive you to be perfect and give your best all the time. From the ambiance, layout, decoration, and the quality of the cuisine, everything has to be perfect.

In this modern digital marketing world, it will be a huge blunder even if you miss on a single thing mentioned above. The customers will not only rebuke you on the spot but will also litter your page with negative reviews leaving you with bitter online experience.

Running a restaurant is tough but never an impossible task. If you’re wondering what exactly can improve your restaurant business in Kolkata in short time, here are the top 5 ways to achieve your dream.

1. Do not underestimate the potential of Digital Marketing-

Marketing tactics have been changing since the inception of trade and commerce in Kolkata in the 15th century until this era of digital marketing. So, in order to survive the high competition and to build your business credibility, you should build an outstanding digital presence. You can rely on best digital marketing company in Kolkata that render the unsurpassable digital marketing services in Kolkata for both start-ups and bigger business. The digital services such as website design, SEO, PPC (Google Advertisement), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Video branding, etc are the key elements for boosting your digital presence. SEO services in Kolkata specialize in Content Management System (CMS) that helps your business appear on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages SERP).

2. Adapt to the dynamism of Social Media-

We have all seen it since its origin- the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have played a tremendous part in enhancing and building brands that have been started with a scratch. So, we shouldn’t be surprised about the fact that if social media can do wonders for other industries, it will do excellently for the restaurant business too. With the rapidly increasing number of active social media users, your business can gain wider outreach that adds as an advantage for brand value, the better lead generation that will eventually result in higher Return on Investment (ROI) and better revenue generation.

3. Reconsider having a proper pricing strategy-

If you’re devoted and serious about your business, it is essential for you to know how to develop a restaurant menu. While compiling their menu, countless restaurants do not pay regards to price strategy. Always remember that your menu shouldn’t look like your monthly grocery list with just a list of items. The paper stock you choose for your menu and the way you strategize it speaks distinctly and out-loud about your brand. So, here are some of the crucial things that you should reconsider while creating your restaurant menu-

i. Focus on designing features, with proper highlighting, shadowing, and perhaps incorporating a picture with it.

ii. Logical food categorization- that is, drinks under drinks, main courses under main courses, appetizers under appetizer, etc. Do not just make a long list of everything.

iii. Take help from menu engineers on menu matrix when needed.

iv. Be specific about the food that you’re offering. So, provide descriptions of the items because not every customer knows everything about the cuisine.

v. Help your customers better by putting the items and prices together, instead of keeping items on one side and the prices on the other side.

vi. Do not use currency sign with the prices as it will give the impression of the stock market ticker, and you don’t want to remind your customer that they’re spending money, do you?

vii. Pick appropriate fonts and colors suitable for the theme of the restaurant and your targeted audience.

4. Get a restaurant app developed-

To promote your restaurant business, a device friendly application is as much as important as social media marketing and perhaps even more crucial. If there is a specific app that can boost a business with a mobile app, it is undoubtedly the restaurant. Location-based deals are the first reason to build a restaurant application. When the application is installed on the mobile devices, you can send push notifications to those who come in proximity of your restaurant. In addition, restaurant app serves as an excellent platform for managing loyalty programs and rewarding your customers. Restaurant application promises ultimate convenience to your customers with the online order alternatives, and this can even reduce the pressure on your phone lines. Most importantly, the modern millennials prefer applications for everything.

5. Employ the modern software technology-

Your business isn’t modern unless you make use of the modern technology. Restaurant POS (Point of sale) machines or systems have undergone some real developments in the past few years. Today, you can operate multiple branches of your restaurants linked through one POS, so that you never face the shortage of inventory and all your sales information will be secured in one place without much effort. Modern POS systems authorize you to manage special campaigns, get daily sales reports, create coupons, and improve sales management to serve more customers in less time.


Implementing these things will unquestionably boost your restaurant business in Kolkata and gain better ROI. Despite these business traits, the most important thing that keeps a business running is customer relations. You can afford to lose sales to a new customer, but if you lose an existing customer, then it is almost your fault.

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