5 Ways a Blog helps to grow your E-commerce site

5 Ways a Blog helps to grow your E-commerce site


So, you have an E-commerce site!

Are you trying to grow your e-commerce site? Did you try out all the methods?

Is the growth of the site slower than you expected?

You know what! There is an unused Ace of cards in your pocket. The name of that card is “GOOD BLOGS”. Most of the E-commerce sites do not give much importance to the Blog section. This is not at all good for your site’s growth.

Blogs have high potentials to give your site that reach you always wished for.

An overview of how Blogging helps:

Writing a blog about the products of your e-commerce site or the services your site provides help people understand about your business.

Suppose your site is selling garments. In the blog section of your website, you write about different brands of dresses, the quality of the clothes you sell, the new arrivals and the upcoming offers.

Whenever a new visitor visits your site and enters the blog section, they get knowledgeable about all the products you are selling or the services you are providing.

Here, are 5 ways a blog helps grow your site:

1. Pushes your e-commerce site up the Google ladder:

Yes, a good blog has a very high potential to push up the Google ladder. It is because a blog contains potential keywords that are generally linked to your site’s page.

Moreover, the keyword of a blog is the word that is mostly searched by the customers. When those words are inserted in a blog in a meaningful manner, the blog significantly comes up the search list when someone uses that keyword to search. In this manner, your e-commerce site gets popular.

2. Identifies you as an expert of the Industry:

When you continuously give powerful and resourceful information about business, products, and services your customers start thinking you as an expert. This is a fact, that in blogs you can explain everything descriptively.

Details knowledge about some product or services people want to avail is always loved. However, when your customers know that you know a lot about the products you are selling they love to avail you while buying that particular thing.

3. Blogs on queries or questions:

Whenever Blogs are written, they have addressed a problem or a situation. Discussing that problem, the solution automatically came out. This is really loved by the customers.

Suppose you understand that your customers are facing some problems regarding your site, products or business, you take up that problem and discuss in your blog.

In this manner, your customers get interested to read that blog and you get your needed traffic. That, your customers also not only gets their solution and continues availing your business.

4. Boosts up the conversion rates:

Through blogs, you can converse with your audience. You can ask them a question and let them answer. In a similar manner, they can ask a question and you can answer. This will increase the conversion rate. How?

Your customers will start to trust you more and with increased trust, they will turn into genuine customers. Your customers expect you to keep their trust and nothing more.

5. A Platform that is Cost-effective:

You can see it by yourself; a blog costs nothing still it brings in customers for you. This is the capability of a Blog that is so demanding and useful. Maybe little you spend but high you gain.

The blog is always and obviously a very cost-effective platform.

A Quality of Ecommerce Site:

Whenever we design an e-commerce website, we suggest you insert a Blog page in it. We are one of India’s best e-commerce website design India. Next time when you want to design a new e-commerce site or input something new to your e-commerce site contact us. We shall do it rightly for you.  

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