5 Technical Alert SSL certificate Mandatory for Websites

5 Technical Alert: SSL certificate Mandatory for Websites


Website owners pay attention!

It is mandatory to get an SSL certificate for your Website.

In 2017, Google declared it would flag websites without SSL certificate. Google will give an alert message, “it’s not safe” to visit the particular website. People visiting your site may leave just by seeing this message.

It is 2019 and high time for you to know the importance of SSL certificate.

Do you know?

 What is an SSL certificate?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It is a certificate issued to the websites that Google think is safe. Website having this certificate is safe for you to visit and share your information too. This certificate encrypts all your information and keeps it secure in the server. It creates a link in between the server and the website visitors. No third party can easily vent in and do some nuisance.

If this point was not enough to get an SSL certificate for your website, then below are 5 Technical Alerts for you to ponder on:

1. SSL Certificate Enables Website Security:

Sometime or the other you must have come across this statement on web pages saying, “This site is not secure, do you want to proceed? Visitors on the website tend to leave as soon as they view this pop-up. Everyone likes surfing on the secured website.

The “https” is not a secured site but “https” is obviously a secured site. The “S” plays a very important factor here.

This is a kind of documentation that is digitalized.

2. SSL Certificate drags up the ranking for SEO:

Google helps to rank that site that has an SSL certificate. It creates a good impression on Google. Having, “https” will helps Google know you are secured. This is a ranking parameter for Google.


3. SSL Certificate buys a good name for your brand:

An e-commerce website or not, an SSL certificate will buy your brand a good name. Trust is a big factor for your visitor or customers. If they do not get an Assurance from you of their security, they will never visit you.

4. SSL Certificate gears up the speed of the website:

It is an absolute myth that SSL certificate slower the speed of the Internet. Rather it boosts the speed of your Internet.

5. SSL Certificate encrypts that important information:

All your information on the web like your credit card details, personal id, security codes, everything is safe with this certificate. This creates a link between you and the server, which helps to protect all your information.

Winding up:

While summing up it is important for you to know that your business will flourish online only when your customers will feel safe with you. Help your customers know your business is safe while being certified with an SSL certificate. This is a technical Alert and dare not ignore it.

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