25 important websites you need to visit right now

25 important websites you need to visit right now


Siliguri: 19th April 2018โ€“ A website enables digital web presence through images, texts, and videos which is displayed on the internet. It is a representation of the business hosted on the internet to inform targeted customers of its products and services. A website also gives chances to the business to actively take part in the public matters and affairs. It is a dedicated platform which is meant to help you manage your business efficiently.

There are many websites that are very useful and offer a huge traffic. Meaningful content and ease of use make a website user. With a huge increase in the total numbers of internet users around the world, the websites are in continuous competition with each other to provide a unique experience to its users. There are many websites which in the course of time have become a part of our daily routine and provides usefulness we cannot do without.

Let us draw a list of 25 websites, that we bet shall be of some use to you and it is definitely going to make you question yourself on why didnโ€™t you know about it earlier. Just have a look at different websites which offer usefulness in different fields.

1.https://pixabay.com – Every web content needs a catchy image, video or graphics to attract customers and this website is the largest repository of free video, image, and graphics which you can use for any purpose.

2.https://goo.gl โ€“ This is a website which shortens the long URL and provides a special link which should be copied after you write .qr at the end of the link, it provides you a special QR code which can be easily scanned in all mobile handsets.

3.https://www.codecademy.com – With the internet becoming a necessity, this website provides an online interactive platform which offers free coding classes for inspiring coders in 12 different programming languages.

4.https://wetransfer.com/ โ€“ This website aims at making data transfer easier and convenient as well as free. Using this website, sharing files up to 2 Gb is possible to any part of the globe.

5.https://www.10minutemail.com – This is a useful alternative to Gmail. You can here make a temporary email address for a particular purpose and the email address shall be invalid after 10 minutes of its creation. The innovative website for temporary email addresses those self-destructs after some time.

6.https://www.mathway.com – I bet you didnโ€™t know that there are websites that could help you solve complex mathematical equations in no time.

7.http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ โ€“ It lets you know the name of the font that is used on a particular picture by just uploading it here.

8.https://www.etymonline.com – Some words have their unique origin and some meaning attached to it. This website lets you explore all about a word you are interested to know.

9.https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html โ€“ the Calculating exact number of days, months and years between two separate dates is a tough process but this website gives you accurate information and in a real quick time.

10.http://www.stripcreator.com โ€“ Did you ever fancy about having your own comic strips which is completely your creation, fulfill your dreams here.

11.http://www.writewords.org.uk/word_count.asp โ€“ This website tells you the exact number of times or the frequency of a particular word in your writing.

12.http://www.fliptext.org/ โ€“ Make your posts a little different by posting a sentence which is upside down using this particular app.

13.http://www.canistream.it/ โ€“ Choose a movie you want to watch and this website find you the exact place that lets you stream it. Saves a lot of time and effort.

14.https://www.printfriendly.com/ โ€“ It can be really hard sometimes to print a page whose content you would like to keep for future reference. This website lets you make a print option on your website which makes your site print friendly.

15.https://sleepyti.me/ โ€“ The amount of sleep one needs can be different but this website can analyze and suggest you the best time you can sleep to have a relaxed sleep. Find your timings here.

16.https://www.manualslib.com/ โ€“ Even if you lose the manual of your new handset and want to read the manual without having to buy another phone, this website here is the answer. It holds PDF user manuals for almost anything.

17.http://gifprint.com/ โ€“ If you still find printable flipbooks interesting, this website is just for you. Just select a GIF file upload and see it transform into a printable format which can be printed and arranged as a flipbook. Flip it all day.

18.https://www.copypastecharacter.com/ โ€“ This is the website which provides you with special characters which can and be copied and pasted into your documents, email or tweets to make it spicy.

19.https://cvmkr.com/ โ€“ A curriculum vitae is a representation of your image that you wish to deliver while you apply for a job. Everyone has struggled with the format at least once in his life but this website lets you create an attractive CV which is sure to present a professional impression.

20.https://duckduckgo.com/ โ€“ In this age of privacy issues, none can guarantee the safety of your privacy yet there are few websites like this one which lets you browse without being tracked or saving any of your personal information.

21.https://www.fiverr.com/ โ€“ It is a freelance marketplace where you can hire someone to do your project at a relatively less price. It is your answer to finding cheap and reliable services online.

22.https://app.grammarly.com/ โ€“ This website lets your writings be grammatically correct. You can paste any documents you have prepared and check for errors and correct it. A very useful website you must know about.

23.https://www.howtopronounce.com/ โ€“ Pronunciation is very important when you communicate with someone. This website lets you type a word and hear how to pronounce it so that you can pronounce it right, every time.

24.http://marker.to/ โ€“ This website gives you a special ability to highlight some words or sentences that will be highlighted for your readers to read after you share it.

25.https://projectnaptha.com โ€“ This is a must use website that lets you copy texts from within a picture which is generally impossible to implement. Now that you know about it, start to use it.

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