10 Sticking Methods to Turn Your Blog into Lead-Collecting Machine

10 Sticking Methods to Turn Your Blog into Lead-Collecting Machine


A Pen is mightier than a sword. It’s a very true and common statement. In this digitalized world, the statement is reframed saying, “A Blog is mightier than a nuclear weapon”.

The formula is same only the way of presentation is different. Earlier people used to write with pen and paper and influence their readers. Today people post Blogs and influence their readers and customers.

What is lead collecting?

Lead collecting means bringing in significant customers first to your Blog and ultimately to your main website. In this manner people start knowing about you and get eager to avail your business.

For example, you have a travel website and you write blogs for it at regular intervals. People those who are searching online for a certain travel destination gets to read your blog. Your Blog impress them so much that they end up landing on your home page and ultimately avail your business. This is known as lead collection that ultimately generates sale.


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Here are 10 effective methods to transform your blog into a humongous lead collecting machine:

1. Connect your Blog with the main Website:

Whenever you write a blog, give your company’s elements in it. Most of the time we see that traffic come to a blog and then land up on the main website. So always, stay connected with the main website.

2. Write about what your customers want to know:

Don’t put all your focus on promoting your website and products. Rather know what your customer’s want to know. Fulfill their needs and try connecting your products based on their needs.

3. Don’t write a Blog and Vanish:

You might be posting a blog every day, but vanish as soon as you have posted a blog. This won’t set a good impression of yours on your customer’s mind. Always be ready to answer the questions people ask on the comment section of your Blog.

4. Informative Blogs, Short and crisp:

Everybody is running short of time. Therefore, your blog needs to be short, full of information and to the point. Writing lengthy blogs with useless information is of no use.

5. Have a outstanding headline:

Headline or title is necessary. Your headline must be catchy and informative. People must get eager to read your blog just by reading the headline. Put some important keywords in the title.

6. Link your Blog with products in website:

Your Blog must have good links of products and business in your website. This will boost up the Blogs demand and enhance the want of your website.

7. Call to Action is a must in Blogs:

A call to action is necessary. A blog having a good call to action push the customers take up the business automatically.

8. Allow Subscriptions:

Put a subscription bar in your blog. People those who will subscribe to your blog will be your potent customers. They will get newsletters and email update of your upcoming and new Blogs.

9. Put Social sharing Icons:

Social sharing icons are necessary to give beside the blog. This will help people share your blog whenever they like it. The more shares your blog gets the better.

10. The ultimate Weapon: 

Promote your blog. Do your blog’s promotion on social media, newsletter, emails etc. This ultimate weapon can push your blog in generating leads.

Following these 10 methods will make your blog an ultimate machine generating leads.

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