10 secret tips for effective mobile website design in India

10 secret tips for effective mobile website design in India


Almost 2 billion people use Smartphone to access the internet. The recent report of Google says that the volume of search queries through mobile devices has now surpassed that of desktop. Advancement of technology seems to have conquered the world well.

Importance of a mobile-friendly-design

An online business must acknowledge having a mobile-friendly-website that may mean the difference between a good lead generation and a failed business campaign.

An entrepreneur must know that search engines like Google is interested in delivering more relevant and informative content as quickly as possible. That is why a mobile-friendly-website is a must as it might help your business grow by presenting your products and services to the customers instantly.

So let us note 10 secret tips for effective mobile website design in India-

1. Ensure your content formats correctly-

New devices are being built on a regular basis hence it is important to look good on any type of screen. When you get responsive web design in India done, your content format becomes neat and correct on any device or various sizes.

2. Make it easier to navigate-

People generally use their thumb or index finger to navigate through a mobile website hence the touch buttons should be at least 45 pixels in size so that users can navigate easily while visiting your website. This will reduce misplaced clicks.

3. Make sure the text size is large-

A major feature of a mobile website is that it should be easy to read. Make sure your visitors do not need to zoom to read contents. The text size should be large which helps in making it easy for the visitors to use the site which in turn becomes helpful for your business.

4. Make visitors focus on what you want them to-

A mobile website should also contain less chaos which means you should be aware of what your business goal is. In that case, you can make your target audience to focus on what you want them to. Thus they get more convinced and get engaged with your site.

5. A mobile website should be fast-

According to a study, mobile users are less patient than desktop users. So, your mobile website should be fast enough to hold your visitors. You can do so by optimizing the images and minimizing the code to avoid negative disruptions.

6. Keep your main content front and center-

The homepage of a website should contain the major content as companies get really few seconds to hold their visitors and convert them into customers. Understanding the target audience and accomplishing SEO services can make a difference.

7 Customers do not like to read long paragraphs-

No one likes to visit a website and read Long paragraphs of content. Pushing the right keywords with the main content and keeping simple and steady is better than being too wordy.

8. Keep it similar to the desktop version-

To avoid unnecessary confusion, your mobile website should be similar to your desktop version. Although Google focuses more on mobile indexing still they ask for consistency in your message. That is why mimicking the desktop version is so important.

9. Include a call-to-click button-

Let the user contact you directly to clear all the queries. Enable users to call you by simply tapping a link.

10. Create a personal experience for the users-

Personalization is very important for any route you take for your mobile website design. Delivering the right content at the right time to the customers should be the utmost goal. You can provide seamless digital experience to the users by studying Analytics, referring to geo-location and sources.

Update and Evolve to the new ‘’Smartphone Era’’

Internet users are accustomed to using mobile devices for browsing, shopping, and almost everything. Use this key for your business and witness the growth in no time. Smart implementation of the ideas makes a huge difference in the “Smartphone Era”. So grab it and flourish.

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