10 Key Elements Of Modern Web Design To Follow In 2019 and Beyond

10 Key Elements Of Modern Web Design To Follow In 2019 and Beyond


Web Design matters a lot when it comes to impressing the visitors into a particular site. Product, services and other technical aspects will work later but at the first point, audiences will look into the designing of the website. Web design is the evolving art that makes a difference and attracts more people into the business and is directly related to the increase in site traffic. Making the design user-friendly and putting the eye-catching elements is very much important in online marketing as this sector is more lucrative in comparison to outbound marketing.

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How impactful are the elements of Modern Web Design?

The first impression is the last impression and the lines are subjected and applicable to web design company in india as well. Just like a hotel or shop, a website needs to be decorated according to the on-going competition in the market. The decoration is here turned into a neat and optimized website that encourages a visitor to build the trust about the particular website. According to the researches, it is stated that 84% of the audiences will not trust any unsecured website if they find the design not so appealing.


This digital era demands a lot from the designers and the key elements of modern web design are need to be considered to create a successful and impressive website design. Once the visitor finds your website appealing, they will feel happy to get make a purchase and future dealings. Here, we will like to zoom into the eye elements that are needed in the year 2019 and beyond.

Key Elements of Modern Web Design

Minimal Design

Minimalist website design is an art of making the contents and services visually attractive and appealing. This philosophy creates an idea about designing the contents in a creative frame as people do not enjoy reading and prefer to understand the subject with the visual aspects. Focusing your website by molding the informative pictures and videos over text along with the plain typography using the white space makes a huge difference in gathering the attention of the audiences. It tells more about the offerings of the company in an easy way and considered as the key elements of web design.

Large and Unique Typography

Small things matter a lot when you are dealing with something creative and choosing the right font depending upon the subject will make a huge difference. The arrangement, size, and uniqueness of the font will remain forever in the mind of visitors who will turn into a customer if they find the website appealing. Using a very peculiar and unrecognizable font is not acceptable and would reflect on the business growth sooner or later. Fonts or typography add the aesthetic value in the website design and make the website more attractive and appealing holding the attention of audiences.

Storytelling by Designing Character

Storytelling by Designing Character

Making the design interesting by telling a story can be more impressive than creating a normal and dull website design. Because 75% of the consumers judge a website depending upon the website design and that makes it more crucial to arrange the characters in a creative manner to make people aware of the business and its offerings. The whole credibility of the website is connected with the design and adds power to the website by endorsing the brand values. Putting interest in people’s minds is the best way of gathering more attention. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-Friendly Design

In the year 2017, almost 52% of all global web traffic is originated from mobile devices and the number is rapidly increasing. 60% of the mobile user clicks on the mobile ads and that helps in connecting with a wide range of audiences. Creating a responsive website design is important because people prefer to search for websites on their mobile rather than using a laptop or desktop. Mobile-friendly websites are faster in comparison to older version websites. Smartphones become the most important gadget for almost every individual and that makes it more important to shift into responsive website design to compete with others.

Use Hero Images

Hero Images

Creating and designing a large banner or the hero image can be the next best thing you can do to hold the attention of your audiences. A hero image is used on the website to speak more about the product or service in a creative way. Visualization is very much important because pictures speak louder than texts. Make your hero image more attractive by using the right color over the right image. The image must meet the expectations of the customer by acting like a hero.

The Rule of Thirds

Yes, you need to be aware of this element because only making the website look good by using a hero image and good content will not work if you fail to organize the images and texts by maintaining the right alignment of the pictures used on the website. The basic rule of third is exactly the same as that of photography where the four focal points will be rightly proportionate with the size intersecting lines. The pictures and texts should be aligned on the two left focal points or two right of the web page. The visual setup is important and the rule of third is the basic key elements of it.

White Space in mordern web-design

Everything in the process of website design is related to catching the attention of the audiences and along with the rule of thirds and other aspects, one needs to know about the white space. White space is maintained to minimize the visual distraction so that the viewer will find the option more easily. Just image you put the call-to-action button in a clumsy space which will hold a negative impression and the visitor will get difficulty in finding the option. By applying the white space, you can make the website more clear and appealing in front of viewers.

Feature or Product Video

Videos will create a big difference when it comes to connecting people with the business. A short product or feature video will make the audience understandable about the product and services more easily. Videos attract all types of audiences and tell a lot about the inner meaning. It enhances the user’s experience and makes the website more impressive. The movement in the video will automatically catch the attention of viewers and they will find this factor more interesting than reading long content.

Background Video

Keeping the things monotonous will ruin the website designing part as well. Background video will keep things interesting and a bit appealing by constantly moving the information in a creative way. Videos will create magic and make things better in terms of communication and breaking the monotony. Along with the concept of the hero image, background videos are the new trend and make the website memorable within the mind of people.

SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

Making the website visible in the online platform is very much important. SEO optimization increases the site’s ranking in the search engine and gives a better user experience. People will easily find your website and start communicating with the aesthetic efforts you made for achieving success. Website designing is all about making the website compatible and available within people by managing the aspects of SEO that include Meta tags, title tags, heading tags, etc. SEO service adds a strong value on social signs and managing the content marketing efforts positively. These key elements of website design will help a business to achieve success by welcoming more visitors and more profit. In 2019, these tips will work to boost your website across the globe.

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