10 Digital spells for better Website Followers

10 Digital spells for better Website Followers


What is the one thing you will ask for, as a Website owner?


Every website owner thrives for genuine followers. People those who will genuinely wait for your posts, blogs, and products. They are the one those who help grow your website.

Now the question is

How to drag followers or traffic to your website?

How to get your website popular?

The rules on Internet change daily. You cannot keep up with everything. Rather you should not keep up with everything because gradually everything fades away. However, there are some rules those are evergreen.

Here, I shall discuss 10 points those will help grow your website followers:

1. Advertisement:

Social media advertisement, display advertisement, and the paid search are the best ways of getting your brand ready and inviting people to visit your site.

2. Social Appearance:

Increase your social appearance. Get online and post your blogs and products on a different social media platform. LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter will help you reach out to people you want to target.

Other social media sites are Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, Instagram etc.

3. Well organize things:

The content should be an appealing one to your readers. You can organize things like keeping the content short and to the point, adding some videos or do a good infographic.

4. Mind Boggling Headlines:

While you write content, you must be very careful with the headline. If your headline is catchy and optimized, people will automatically drag to your site.

5. Carefully do on-page SEO:

Whatever it is, you can never ignore the on-page SEO. Optimizing the content based on your SEO can never grow old. The web design company in India those who are responsive, never ignore on page SEO.

6. Go for long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords are mostly preferred because, in this manner, you can place the keyword well in your content and Google does not disown your content.

7. Do not ignore guest blogging:

Guest post is a good way of dragging traffic to your site. Never ignore the guest post.

8. Insist people to guest Blog on your site:

You can also encourage people to post their blog on your site.

9.Try for referral traffic:

Do not go beg others to refer you rather create such content that people die link to.

10. Content Posting on LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is not just a job-finding site anymore. You can post your works here and get noticed by many professionals.

These are the ultimate magic formulas to get your website popular among the mass.


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