10 benefits of vlogging for your travel business in India

10 benefits of vlogging for your travel business in India


The first circumstance a travel business in India faces is nothing but the competition with the business giants like Travel triangle, cleartrip, Tripadvisor etc. If you have a travel business in India and you truly want to become a leading tour consultant, then you should accept vlogging or video blogging to generate leads. It is the most advantageous blogging method these days.

Audience these days have become very demanding and they want simplified mode of contents even when they require some necessary information. They love videos and are likely to prefer videos when it comes to traveling.

What is video blogging?

Video blogging is done with the help of videos by self-hosting them or using free services like Youtube and Vimeos. Your audience can share, comment and rate your videos just like a random video on social media. It is just a simplified and more effective way of blogging where the destination and the quality of spoken English of the blogger matters.

How does it actually help a travel business?

Vlogging can help you get more exposure to your brand. As said earlier, you can host your videos on social media platforms or on your website and let people embed and use your videos on their site. This will ultimately result in more exposure to your brand and products.

This requires excellent professional skills cause any random video is not enough for the growth of a business. This is why you should consider digital marketing for travel business. Cyber Help India is a reputed IT company in Siliguri who can be your helping hand in such cases.

Advantages of video blogging for travel business in India-

1. Vlogging is easy to process-

Videos are quick and easy to process. Writing a blog of 500-600 words takes a lot of time while talking in front of the camera is like a treat. It saves you time and gives you the opportunity to make more contents faster.

2. Videos are more watched, enjoyed and shared –

Yes, a recent study says that videos are likely to be watched, enjoyed and shared more than text contents. Just guess who wouldn’t like to watch a video of the mesmerizing destinations rather than reading about it.

3. Vlogs are more interactive and descriptive-

Vlogs are always effective when they are created strategically. The correct use of visual effects can allure your audience in a better way. Video blogging also increases your persuasion ability and enhances the conversion ratio.

4. Stand apart from the competition and become the big fish-

Truly speaking, very few marketers are there who use video marketing for travel business and those who do are the leaders today. Using video content helps you stand out more and get a lot of traffic.

5. You can personalize a video-

People really like to see a person behind a product or service. So, you can easily put a human face on your travel business and make it more engaging.

6. Gives the audience a clear insight into the destination-

What if your audience gets a clear view of the destination where you want them to visit? A video containing all the major sightseeing locations, culture and festival, people and their lifestyle, food and eateries etc can be the best key to enjoy the fruitful results for travel business.

7. You can keep experimenting-

This is the best benefit of vlogs as you can experiment by changing speaking styles, gestures, and different ways of demonstrating things. If it doesn’t work, you can totally change it and try something new. Remember, “Breaking out of your comfort zone and trying something new is an absolute necessity for growth”.

8. You get a bigger audience-

Did you know that “Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google”. Hence, posting your content on Youtube means you get more possibilities of promoting your brand to a bigger audience and get leads.


Vlogging every day is the best thing a travel business can do for the increase in the conversion rate. It has been effectively engaging the audience with rich and relevant content. It is cost effective and can yield serious results. So, capture the attention of the audience today with the help of video blogging and flourish.

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