The Elements of Viral Video

You must be aware of viral videos that make a brand or a person extremely popular with people. Viral videos reach a huge number of people and sometimes counted as an accident. Social media platforms showcase the video that might go viral and make aware of the content. So, do you think over it that why some videos become so popular while others are not? Is there any rule set by the maker to push the video within larger audiences or it happens automatically?

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So many questions revolve around the head and force you to find the answer. The impact of a viral video is so high that it makes an ordinary person popular overnight. Here, we would like to discuss the elements of viral video to make you understand the reasons behind its popularity.

Elements of Viral Video

Visual Spectacle

A video must touch the viewer with its visual contents that mean it must be expressive and undoubtedly appealing by maintaining the congruency. Making the video too complicated and difficult to understand will not work. People will accept the video if they find visually attractive along with a meaning inside it. Popular brands invest lots of money to make the video visually appealing but don’t take it for granted because you can make an impressive video even on a restricted budget. All it needs is your creativity and vision that will touch the audience aggressively.


This can be considered as the key element for viral video because people will like the video if the video is easily acceptable universally. In most cases, popular brands use ideas to make the video acceptable. They use themes like women empowerment, child education, peace, and happiness as the baseline of the video so that people will accept it easily. They try to make the video comfortable for audiences of all ages and avoid criticizing any caste or creed. Once the video is universally acceptable, it will become viral in a short span.

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Those days are gone when people like fake elements by dreaming about fantasy. Nowadays, people usually accept the real thing. Reality is the strength of your video because it makes a sense and adds more interest. Using professional actors who make the video more realistic is a great idea for making the video viral. Sometimes, the on-going scenario or political impacts are also introduced in videos to make it more realistic and viral among people. People will gladly share your video if they find it reliable and realistic instead of putting unnecessary elements into it.

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One of the most import elements of a viral video is putting some controversy into it. Make sure that the controversy should be mild and positive without hurting anyone’s sentiment. For example, in India, fairness creams are known for targeting fair girls and highlight the issue that every girl needs to be fair to achieve their goals. But finally, the myth is changed and organizations are highlighting the issue against those taglines by saying ‘Dark is Beautiful’. Controversies bring out the magic and make the video viral.

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A good sense of humor will make the thing happen and attract audiences towards the video. Making the video funny by putting the intelligence can help you to make the video popular in a short span. Normally, people become frustrated with their daily life and try to reduce their stress and anxiety by watching something funny and appealing. Using humor in the video is undoubtedly a great idea of making the video interesting. Remember that using humor in the right way is the hardest way of promoting a video.


Emotion always works when nothing else works to make something popular but when it comes to creating a viral video then you must creatively put the elements. Depending upon the subject of the video you must work on it. You might watch TV commercials where the relation between father and daughter or mother and son are highlighted to catch the attention of people. There is a strong connection between viral videos and emotion so you must use elements into your video to make it more touchy.

There is nothing called the perfect formula or rule set by the expert to make a video viral but putting all the elements depending upon the content and theme of your video will make it widely popular among a large group of people. You can’t make everyone happy with your creation by in the end all it matters is the view earned by the video which makes it viral.

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