How to Perfectly Optimize Your Infographic for SEO

How to Perfectly Optimize Your Infographic for SEO

Infographics add more life to your posts as they are visually more attractive and catches the attention of audiences more aggressively. It helps you to tell complex things more simply by using images and creative texts. Recent surveys proved that people who create posts using illustrations and texts will do 323% better than those who are unaware of creating posts without illustrations. Infographics optimization make the content more interesting and understandable than any other types of contents shared on social media. 

infographic optimization

Everything follows a technique and a set of rules to make it visible to wider audiences. The need for infographics optimization for SEO is always there and you must know how to manage your infographics perfectly in terms of making the content popular among people. Infographics come with the power to boost your brand value and making your content viral. Here are the tips to make your infographics more visible among a huge number of people.

How to optimize infographics for SEO?

Research for the right keyword

keyword research

Using a keyword in the body of the infographics is not possible but you can use them in other sections to make it relevant for SEO tools. Proper research for the keyword is necessary to know the primary keyword phrase as well as for secondary phrases to target the audiences. Keyword research should be done by identifying keywords around the topic. To identify the search intent of the people, one can categorize the searches into different types such as navigational, informational, commercial investigation and transactional.

Choose the right name

Using the name is the most important part while creating the infographic. Choose the name correctly according to Google so the search will determine the content in it. Using generic names like picture002.jpng need to avoid and try to include phrases like tips-for-managing-home.png. Google will automatically understand that the infographic is about home management and shows you in the relevant searches. It is better to use primary keywords for SEO.

Optimize Alt Text


Alt-text is also important for the infographic just like the name or keyword because Alt text or Alternative text helps people and search engine to know about your contents represented in the images. Alt text needs to be properly tuned so that even blind and visually impaired people can know about the content through screen readers. It makes the image for specific by using both the image’s subject and context to guide you. Remember that Alt text must be fewer than 125 characters. Rather than getting confused Alt text helps the search engine to understand the content in better terms.

Make the URL appealing

There is no need for creating infographic unless people remain unaware of your content and fails to search you in the online platform. URL helps people to find their contents easily. The URL must be short and within 60 characters. Usually makes it within three to five words so that people get easy access to it. Sharing URL along with optimized SEO will improve the value and visibility of your infographic.

Optimize Meta Description

meta description optimization

The meta description will make the things clearer and descriptive as it makes the searchers know about the infographic. Some of the points that should be in mind before creating the Meta description like it should have 135-160 characters and must include primary keyword phrase, accurate description of the content about the infographic and adding a link in the end.

Supporting text at the beginning

You must do some extra things by not breaking the regulation set by Google. You should work over hacks, loopholes, and shortcuts to position your infographics into success along with the brand promotion. Such techniques will effectively increase the audiences and ranking in the search engine. The text should be placed by using the strategy at the beginning and must explain the content of your infographics. Images on the other hand help in targeting the audiences to put more meaning into the infographics.

Hopefully, these infographic optimization hacks will help you in making the infographics popular among larger audiences and making the task simple and easy. Optimizing SEO is required for ensuring maximum results through infographics to make people aware of your contents. 

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