Responsive Website Navigation

Responsive Website Navigation

Change is inherent in business or in the world of digitalization where updates and advancement is required to grab the audiences. Choices and requirements vary with the trends which forces a website designer to implement the smartest and latest techniques in the website. Navigation is one of the crucial parts of making the website attractive and appealing in the eyes of audiences or users. Every time you need to come with a new concept to catch the attention of others. If you are taking navigation as a simple thing then you need to focus more on it.

What is Navigation?

Navigation is all about finding one’s route accurately and when you are dealing with responsive website then you must rely on navigation which the menu that guides you to find the other pages of the website. Navigation is the keys to the usability of a website and also increases the page views which in turn bring more profit and revenue. Stylish, simple and standard navigation improve user’s experience with the website and make them feel comfortable while accessing the website. Remember that time

What is the Impact of Navigation in Responsive Website?

You might notice that before few years’ designers put their attention towards the navigation menus with the motive making the menu visually appealing and attractive but in the recent time, menu of an website is represented by three horizontal lines where you need to click and find the navigation to know more about the website and the services offered.

Patterns of navigation in a responsive website are not so easy to tackle because you need to implement the tricky and catchy designs to make the menu look good in the small screens. The designer must keep the things on mind that the navigation will include consistent look, feel and experience of visitors to the website. Different techniques, methods and approaches will provide some inspiration that will surely put some good use in the design and development work.

Here we will focus into some of the popular style and approaches that makes your responsive site looks amazingly attractive and showcase the highlights in a prominent manner so that users will put their interest on your site.

Different Styles of Responsive Navigation

Grain & Mortar

Simple and delicate navigation which is easily approachable and make your menu look attractive.

Your Majesty Co

This navigation is quite suitable for people who want detailing as the menu takes you inside of the topic to find pages accurately.


One of the most useful and supportive navigation menus used in many web designs where the sidebar shifts down a bit when you scroll down.

WP Engine

Colour plays an important role in grabbing user’s attention and this navigation menu brings the excellent contract, perfect colour that becomes highlighted with the background.

Pace Law

This style is very common but very catchy for responsive navigation as because the menu looks classy and impressive.


It is the latest and most innovative style that adds sharing options in the bottom where the whole navigation is simplified to make the things clearer. The navigation menu is visible and you have to place the cursor on the navigation to enter your search.

Fixed Digital Agency

This approach is quite simple but very useful style of navigation that contains dark background with beautiful calligraphic fonts which comes out with a general overview of the whole website to keep the view appealing.


Navigation is simple but engage complication as the web have gone through a period where everyone was trying to come out with something different and more attractive than the competitor. The best way is keep the navigation is plain and simple by introducing some of the styles and approaches which in turn welcome more engagement into the website. Most of the website designers concentrate on finding the ways to keep the task simple and deserving for the users.   

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