AdQuicky - Digital Marketing

Mobile App for Online Branding / Advertisement Products

A brilliant app which highlights the advancement of CHI app development. We are happy to be part of this First Of Its Kind ‘Digital Marketing’ App that allows Digital Assistance to Startups or Business owners from any field. It projects modern Design & Interface which blends perfectly to give its users a good experience every single time. The Idea behind this App was visionary and the right add ons has set a good platform for the Platform and added another milestone into the success journey of CHI Apps.

The App has been launched officially and has been performing well among its other counterparts solely due to its ease of use and revolutionary interface. The services provided by it were pretty new and needed proper illustrations to reach out to its prospects well and the same has been done with utmost precision. The clients have been happy on how the App has been performing and we would like to wish them the best of luck for future endeavors along with assurance of prompt assistance whenever needed.


Mobile App for Online Flight Ticketing

The Modern day ticketing has made the process too hassle and difficult to execute. Airtrips was a competitive Flight Ticketing App that needed to stand out among other apps and to be done with immense expertise. The Eligibility of the App demanded it to be easily navigable and smooth booking checkouts. We not only kept the App light and download friendly, we also highlighted their services in the best possible way and made Air ticket bookings, easy and hassle free. It was a work, well executed.

Let us evaluate what makes this app, unique and helps it Stand out. Firstly, the App is created in the best compatible size which allows quick download and promises less hassle while browsing. Secondly, the main theme of the App has been appropriately highlighted & is easy enough for anyone to book their own tickets without any assistance. The App has been launched and has been performing well and has been able to withstand the immense competition in this Ticketing sector due to its Unique and Creative approach.


Me Amore

Mobile App to meet new people online/ Socializing App

It is a Social interactive app & Platform that had been created by CHI apps. The app demanded attractive graphics and smooth interface that let the users navigate without having to wait much. We made it a responsive App which provided the same things that other Similar apps provided but a little Differently. It was made secured and the feedback shows that it has been exceeding the targeted results by doing exceedingly well. Meeting new people and getting to know them well is the prime motive of this app and we have made sure to simplify the whole process in the best possible manner. It was a delicate highly competitive app that stood out in terms of everything.

The App has been launched successfully and is working fine and receiving the desired feedback and engagement. The developments of the Apps are done from Time to Time and any recent trends are implemented to provide the most advanced features. The clients have been showing positive results and are happy with the way we have fulfilled their App requirements within the time frame which was allotted to us.

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